3215 Paint Sealing


The KERONA® Paint Sealing with KENA® bionics formula is a universal sealant for varnish surfaces as well as for aluminium, chrome and light alloy rims with a particularly long-lasting beading effect.

The product effectively protects against weathering, UV rays and dirt adhesion.

Super fast and easy to use! Available as 400ml spray can.


1. Shake well before use
2. With a suitable towel, apply the product sparingly onto surface in circular motions.
3. Polish after 2-3 min. with a clean dry cloth.

Note: When applied to rims remove residual amounts of the tire wall. Should material get to onto brake discs, free them by braking gently until full braking force is achieved. Do not use on hot painted surfaces or in direct sunlight. Do not use steam jet cleaners or solvent-based cleaners.


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