Drilling and cutting oil Spray

Lubricates and cools.

Special high-performance lubricating oil without aggressive additives. Can be used in metal processing, e.g. for thread cutting, rubbing, sawing, drilling, turning, scraping, punching and milling. Can be used with all types of steel, cast iron, stainless steels, copper, brass, aluminum and their alloys. Leads to significantly longer service life for drilling and cutting tools and reduced production scrap. Surface damage is avoided.

– High heat resistance
– biodegradable
– very economical

Application fields
Auto repair shops, industry, metalworking

400ml Spray can

Minimum Order Quantity
3024 Cans

Item Number:


1. Shake the container well before use.
2. Spray onto respective area.
3. Repeat if necessary.

Copper and copper alloys must be washed off after processing.


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