Contact Spray

Infiltrates and displaces water.

This contact spray based on mineral oil infiltrates and displaces water. Protects permanently against the ingress of moisture and thereby prevents the development of leakage currents. Oxidized contact points are freed and protects them permanently against corrosion. Keeps contacts, fuses, cable connections, etc. free of oxidation and sulfide layers. For the maintenance
and care of electrical systems in the automotive sector, e.g. Starter and distributor cap if the engine does not start.

– Eliminates leakage currents and voltage losses
– Protects against corrosion
– Displaces water

Application fields
Auto repair shops, industry, metalworking, electronics

400ml Spray can

Minimum Order Quantity
1008 pc

Item Number


1. Shake the can vigorously before use.
2. Apply generously to the surface to be treated, wait a short time for the spray to react.
3. Remove excess spray with a cloth. Repeat application for stubborn dirt.

Resin-dissolving, therefore do not spray onto on spools / winding stations.


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