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AC Cleaner activeSilver


The KERONA AC Cleaner activeSilver with KENA® bionics formula reliably fights disturbing odors caused by bacteria in the ventilation ducts of the air conditioning system and in the vehicle interior.

The antibacterial silver ions disinfect the system down to the last corner and effectively prevent the formation of new odors. Your air conditioning system will be hygienically clean again with a discreetly fresh citrus scent.

Scented Variants
Citrus, Coconut, Fresh Laundry, Peach

Available as 100ml spray can with One-Shot spray head.

Item Number

Registration number: N-104051

Use biocidal products carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.


1. Shake well before using.
2. Switch off the air conditioner, select interior ventilation at maximum level and cold temperature
3. Position aerosol can centrally in vehicle interior and activate spray head. Keep the doors closed.
4. Ventilate the vehicle well after use (about 10 minutes).

Note: Remove excessive substance with a damp cloth. No persons are allowed inside the vehicle during application. All electrical devices must be switched off during application. Avoid ignition sources. Ventilate the vehicle well for several minutes after use. Do not smoke inside the vehicle straight after application. Use only one can per application.




Fresh Laundry


Over time bacterias and mold fungus develop in the tubes of your air condition. Because of them the air in your car develops an unpleasent odor. An Air Condtion Cleaner can fight these odors.

Simply activate the One-Shot-Head in your car while AC is running in circulating mode. Close the door and wait. After 10 – 15 Minutes the silver ions have spread and fought the bad smelling bacterias.

Open the doors for another 15 minutes to let the silver ions out.

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