ZincMax – Zinc flake corrosion protection

ZincMax - Performance Zinc Spray

Max Performance

Performance zinc spray with offshore certificate. Ideal for repair, visual enhancement, repair and protection and priming of galvanized and non-galvanized material.

ZincMax - Maximale Performance


Up to 3 times more efficient than conventional zinc sprays. Up to 4 square meters maximum corrosion protection from one can. Maximum effectiveness already from a layer thickness of 10 μm.

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ZincMax Awards


We have won several awards with our Titanid technology. We won the German Commodity Efficiency Award, the Materialica Award in silver, and are certified for offshore use in accordance with DIN EN ISO 12944: 1998.


Our TITANID technology offers full corrosion protection from 10 μm layer thickness. The special thing is here in the formulation. Conventional zinc sprays are organic, while TITANID® products have a metal-like structure. The result is a metal-like, extremely stable barrier against moisture.



ZincMax offers dealers a strong product to expand the range.

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