KENA bionics

Nature as a role model


Dirt, moisture, UV radiation or even just the use of it can stress and strain surfaces. Many materials cannot withstand these conditions for long.


KENA bionics is our technology for high-quality surface sealing. The approach: KENA bionics is based on the principle of self-organization. This means that atoms and molecules spontaneously come together to form high-order crystalline structures. The special advantage: KENA® bionics products are applied very thinly but are still highly effective. Depending on the application, KENA® bionics products are equipped with additional functions such as non-stick effect, easy to clean effect, high scratch resistance or antifungal or antibacterial effect.

Your advantage

  • permanent protection against oxidation and environmental influences
  • hydrophobic and oleophobic surface function provides best beading effect
  • Lotus effect
  • active limescale protection
  • temperatur-resistant
  • UV-stable
  • abrasion resistant
  • ultra-thin film thickness
  • high-yielding
  • versatile
  • Anti-eging-effect
  • Allows easy cleaning


KENA bionics

KENA® bionics nano sealant consisting of non-stick, hardening, cross-linking and adhesive components is applied to the glass surface, components are unordered.

Self-organization begins with the evaporation of the solvent. The components align themselves.

The components have organized into an ultra-thin, uniform KENA® bionics protective layer and chemically bonded to the glass surface.



KENA microfluids