2040 Zinc Spray Professional


The KERONA® Zinc Spray Professional with TITANID® technology is a room temperature curing zinc flake coating with a preventive cathodic protective effect for metal surfaces. Ideal for subsequent repair, optical upgrading and repair as well as protection and priming of galvanized and non-galvanized steel surfaces in steel, machine, vehicle, bridge and ship construction, in locksmiths and forges, as well as agriculture and forestry.

Meets the requirements for coastal and offshore areas (=DIN EN ISO 12944 C5-M L). Weldable and temperature resistant up to 300°C. Color: zinc-like

Winner of the German Raw Material Efficiency Award.

Available as 400ml spray can.


1. Base needs to be clean, dry and free of grease. Remove any loose rust, paint and dirt using steel wire brushes, scrapers etc. Sand down problematic bases.
2. Shake the can well before use.
3. Spray sparingly in 1-2 spray coats at a distance of 15-25 cm.
4. After use, turn the can around and spray until the valve is empty.

Note: Cured paint residues can be removed with an alkaline pickle.


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