5790 Industrial Cleaner Citrus


The KERONA® Industrial Cleaner Citrus removes adhesive tape residues from stickers and vignettes as well as foil labels.

Suitable for cleaning and removing oil and grease stains, wax, rubber abrasion and silicone residues. Also suitable for removing protective preservatives from brake discs.

With a pleasant citrus smell. Also AOX- and silicone-free.

Available as 400ml spray can.


1. Spray onto parts to be cleaned. For sensitive surfaces, spray on a cloth and wipe.
2. Let soak for a short time period.
3. Wipe off material residues with a clean dry cloth.

Note: Do not use on hot surfaces or in direct sunlight. Check compatibility on rubber and plastics prior to treatment on an inconspicuous spot. Solvent stains may result on paints!


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