A selection of our products

High quality problem solvers for demanding tasks and products for the broad user market. Our products support you in building or expanding your brand.

We like to think outside the box and don’t limit ourselves to aerosol cans.


Our active silver climate cleaner with KENA® bionics formula reliably combats unpleasant odors.


Rust Remover Cryo is the world’s coldest ice rust remover. The -60 degrees cold shock also loosens stuck connections.


Guarantees quick and efficient removal of all types of oil stains.


Label-free and therefore environmentally friendly glass cleaner.

Proven and reliable cleaning.


Sqeaz Private Label is an innovative cleaning system for sensitive surfaces.

4 steps to your chemical product

Expanding your product portfolio with our private label products is not that complicated.

Our 4-step private label chemical product process is much simpler than its name, which is far too long.

Get in touch.

And discuss products, markets and quantities with us. We would be happy to send you samples free of charge. You don’t want to buy a pig in a poke.

We’re old hands in the chemistry business and are happy to give you tips on chemistry registration, storage, shipping, and much more in advance.

And should we not know something, we will stick to it and get it out for you.

Design labels.

We accompany you through the jungle of regulations and provide you with legally compliant text templates, the necessary UFI code and design tips for your products.

Of course, everything is also multilingual and international.

Zeitgleich erstellen wir Ihre Sicherheitsdatenblätter und stellen Technische Merkblätter bereit.

Don’t just talk.

After checking the print data, you can start. We support you with the registration and registration of your chemical products (e.g. PCN notification, biocide registration, etc.).

We ensure that cans, active ingredients, lids, valves, spray heads, labels etc. are in the right place at the right time and we produce your goods.

And you? Meanwhile, prepare for your new products to enter the market.

Aaaaaaand Action!

Your products have been filled, dressed up, lined up in the warehouse and ready to get started.

Do you only have limited storage space? No problem. We also deliver in portions or directly to your branches.

Our Customers

We are blessed to work with customers from a wide variety of industries.
Including obvious things such as technical trade, workshop services, vehicle construction, industry and assembly.

But also textile trade, leather processing, bicycle trade, camping and hunting accessories.

And not only in German-speaking countries. Our products are sold in over 25 countries on 5 continents.


Many years of experience in dealing with large and small order quantities make us your perfect partner.

Thanks to our broad network of reliable partners, we are able to scale very quickly from small test quantities to production on an industrial scale.

Our technologies

We are constantly researching new technologies in our in-house development laboratory. What is created can be called Smart Chemical and is private label chemistry at its best.

Our Awards

Our products and developments are distinguished in the truest sense of the word. But this is no reason for us to rest on our laurels. The series of awards should continue to grow diligently in the future.