Brake Cleaner

Proven cleaning

KERONA Brake Cleaner spray is particularly suitable for removing oily dirt. Cleaning is quick and easy thanks to the high evaporation rate and the concentrated spray. No residues remain after flashing off. For cleaning oil, grease, dirt, dust and brake fluid or resinized lubricants. Typical contaminants for use are e.g. Brakes, clutches, engine parts. As a rule, rubber and plastic parts are not attacked. The brake cleaner is not corrosive and acetone-free.

– Quick and easy cleaning
– Residue-free
– compatible with materials

Application fields
Auto repair shops, Industry, Metalworking

500ml Spray can

Minimum Order Quantity
1008 Cans

Item Number


1. Spray on at a distance of 20-25 cm and let it drain.
2. Either let it dry or rub excess away with a dry cloth.
3. Repeat if necessary.


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