5063 Methoxal

Versatile Surface Cleaner

Versatile CFC-free surface cleaner for preparation of surfaces. Cleans and degreases reliable Reliably cleans and degreases all types of surfaces or machine components prior to performing bonding and assembly work. Removes fats, oils and other contaminants quickly and residue-free

– Universal surface cleaner
– Ideal for preparing adhesive surfaces
– Removes dirt without residue

Areas of application
Cleaning and degreasing during the maintenance of machine parts


1. Spray on the surface to be cleaned or apply with a soaked cloth.
2. Repeat as necessary.

Note: Remove excess cleaner with a clean cloth. Allow to completely air-dry before bonding. Check rubber and plastic parts, sensitive surfaces for compatibility at a location that is not visible. The product does not affect the curing speed and final strength of adhesives. A clean surface ensures good adhesion and reliable curing. Dirty or partially cleaned surfaces may affect the performance of adhesives.



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