Tire Foam Spray

Cleans and cares.

Thanks to the combination of selected raw materials, our Kerona tire care spray has a cleaning and caring effect in one step. Tires stay fresh and shiny longer. With simple application without rinsing or wiping. The fine foam can be applied evenly and does not leave any drips.

– Protects against splash water, salt and environmental influences
– Care and cleaning of the outside of tires
– No rinsing or wiping required
– Prevents age cracks and embrittlement

Area of application

400ml spray can

Minimum Order Quantity
5040 cans

Item Number:


1. Shake can vigorously before use.
2. Spray the outside of the dry tire evenly at a distance of approx. 20 cm.
3. Rinsing or wiping is not required.

Note: Protect from frost. Not suitable for the tread of tires as well as motorcycle and bicycle tires due to the contained silicone.


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