KENA® microfluid

Hard against dirt – soft to the surface


Stubborn soiling on sensitive surfaces is not only annoying but also expensive and time-consuming to remove. Few detergents deliver what they promise: Some leave residues, while others remove the dirt, but are either chemically too aggressive or must be applied with so much force that the substrate is also attacked.


Products with KENA® microfluid technology are different: They are based on nanodynamic special surfactants. Microinfiltration transports active ingredients faster and more effectively. Our cleaning systems have an enormous creeping ability and penetrate and “infiltrate” dirt particles. Therefore, we can rely on mild active ingredients without compromising the cleaning effect or even damage to the substrate.

Your advantage

  • fast delivery
  • extreme creep properties
  • highly effective without beeing aggressive to the surface
  • versatile
  • highly efficient
  • environment-friendly
  • mild active ingredients, maximum cleansing
  • reduced hazard potential

How it works

Innovative products with KENA® microfluid technology consist of a combination of mild, environmentally friendly substances with exceptional performance. Strong against dirt and gentle to people and nature.

KENA® microfluid cleaning systems diffuse through and under the dirt. The dirt is swollen and fragmented.

The KENA® microfluid technology causes a safe and environmentally friendly infiltration of the dirt. The dirt is thoroughly and gently removed from the surface.