4720 Power Rust Dissolver Ice Mint


The KERONA® Power Rust Dissolver Ice Mint is ideal for loosening rusted compounds. It achieves a unique dissolving performance with the help of the -40°C cold shock effect.

The cold shock of the KERONA Power Rust Dissolver Ice Mint causes the sprayed parts to contract very quickly during cooling. This creates microfine cracks and gaps between the parts to be loosened. The proven KENA® microfluid formula penetrates deep into these cracks and quickly and powerfully removes rust from the surface.

This shortens the reaction time and stubbornly rusted compounds can be loosened much more easily.

He does all of this without the use of mineral oils. Our ICE power rust remover is therefore significantly more environmentally compatible than conventional rust remover.

Available as 250ml aluminium spray can with professional direct jet spray head or 2-way functional spray nozzle.


1. Spray rusty connections / surfaces.
2. Loosen rusted connection and then wipe with a damp cloth or rinse with water.
3. Repeat application if necessary.

Note: May cause discoloration on surfaces or dissolve plastics. Check the suitability of the intended use before use.



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