PTFE Spray

Sticks, lubricates and protects.

Our PTFE spray is an excellent lubricant, slip and release agent for metal, rubber, plastics and other materials. It is based on silicone oil and PTFE components. It is often used for gear parts, bushings, hinges, lock cylinders, sunroof mechanisms, snap locks, pedal rods or V-belts. It fills microscopic bumps and protects against moisture and corrosion. The dry lubricant adheres very well to most surfaces.

– Fat free
– Water repellant
– Non stick
– Temperature resistant from – 190°C tos +260°C

Area of application
Car workshops, industry, metalworking

400ml Spray can

Minimum Order Quantity
1008 cans

Item number:


1. Shake before use.
2. Spray on the lubrication point.
3. Repeat if necessary.


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