5295 Turbo Air Freshener


The KERONA® Turbo air freshener is a versatile indoor air spray for effective odor control. It ensures a long-lasting fresh scent and quickly and effectively neutralizes any kind of unpleasant smells.

The 600ml can can be used in larger rooms in industry, hotels and restaurants, waste management, sanitary facilities, sports and changing rooms, pathologies, common rooms, animal shelters and much more.

The 75ml can is ideal for vehicle interiors.

Available in 600ml and 75ml spray can with Turbo spray head.

Container: 600ml
Scents: vanilla, cherry, flax

Container: 75ml
Scents: flower, coffee, coconut, peach, sandalwood


1. Turn off the vehicle and open the door.
2. Spray short (1 sec) from the outside through the open door into the car interior.
3. Close the door and allow to act for 5-10 minutes.
4. Ventilate the vehicle well before use.

Note: Never spray towards humans or animals


Blossom 75ml

Coffee 75ml

Cocos 75ml

Peach 75ml

Sandelwood 75ml

Vanilla 600ml

Cherry 600ml

Flax 600ml

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