High performance in matters of corrosion protection


Drill holes, weld seams or cut edges on galvanized or hot-dip galvanized surfaces damage the high-quality corrosion protection. Conventional repair methods offer only an inadequate solution because they do not achieve the same protective effect or the same surface quality and hardness and must be applied with a layer thickness of at least 50 µm.


KERONA® has developed the TITANID® technology. Products based on this technology offer corrosion protection starting from a layer thickness of 10 µm. This is due to the special formulation: Commercial alternatives are organic, whereas TITANID® products are inorganic and thus metal-like. The result is an extremely stable, metal-like barrier that protects against moisture and extreme environmental influences.


The TITANID technology was nominated for the Environmental Technology Award 2011 of the Federal State of Baden Wurttemberg and awarded the German Raw Material Efficiency Award 2011 by the German Minister of Economics, Dr. Phillip Rösler.

Kerona Rohstoffeffizienzpreis
Kerona Umwelttechnikpreis 2011

Your advantage

  • Microlayer system; effective from layer thicknesses as low as 10μm
  • suitable for mass and small series production and subsequent repairs and repaired parts
  • hard, metallic surface
  • no formation of white rust – surfaces treated with TITANID® develop patina
  • high yield
  • versatile
  • can be processed at room temperature
  • best adhesion on various surfaces
  • optimal adhesion surface for e.g. varnishes, fillers, sealants
  • improved energy efficiency compared to conventional industrial coatings

How it works


TITANID® corrosion protection can be applied by spraying or dipping. Evaporation of the solvent triggers curing of the ceramic, metallic protective layer.

The metal lamellas coated with titanium oxide and the ceramic bonding matrix organize themselves and form a tight and dense protective layer.

The components have combined to form an extremely resistant and durable inorganic TITANID® corrosion protection layer.

Products with TITANID® technology