Clean Energy.

The Ready-To-Use solar cleaner cleans all types of dirt from photovoltaic and thermal solar collectors with high degreasing power in just one step. The maximum efficiency of the plant again thus restored.

No stripes, no stains. The frequency of cleaning depends on the location and the environmental conditions. Plastics, glass, rubber or aluminum frames are not attacked. Note: Long-term scientific studies have shown that a 4g layer of dust over less than 1m2 reduces energy conversion by 40%.

Regular cleaning and surface maintenance is therefore recommended.

– Especially for photovoltaic cells and solar collectors
– no stripes when drying
– no labeling required
– can be uses without adding water

Application Fields
Household, Industry

5l Canister

Minimal Order Quantity
128 Canisters

Article number:


When using medium-pressure / low-pressure cleaning systems, the product is sucked in via the cleaning system and fed into the spray jet in a concentration of approx. 0.5%. A rinse cycle is not required.
The 5 L version is ready to use and can be sprayed directly onto the affected areas. Let it take effect briefly so that the product can separate from the dirt. To improve the cleaning effect, it may be advisable to use a washing brush to apply light pressure to the surfaces to be cleaned. Rinse with the diluted product and allow to dry on its own.
Note: In the case of extremely heavily soiled photovoltaic and solar modules due to bird droppings, moss, soot, etc., we recommend pre-cleaning.


5150 Solar Cleaner 5 Liters

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