Silicone spray

Grease-free protective, lubricating, separating and care agent.

Our KERONA silicone spray is a grease-free protective, lubricating, separating and care agent for plastics, wood, rubber and metals. Also suitable for electrical insulation and impregnation. In addition, it also serves to protect against corrosion. Largely odorless and behaves neutrally towards surfaces. Rubber parts are cared for, they become brittle and do not stick.
Plastic parts are given a slight shine and do not become brittle. Jamming and squeaking parts become common again. Excellent release agent for molding and injection molding and suitable as an assembly aid for hose connections.

– Transparent lubrication
– Good electrical resistance
– Water-repellent and antistatic

Area of application
Car workshops, industry, metalworking, electronics

500ml Spray can

Minimum Order Quantity
1008 spray cans

Item Number:


1. Shake before use.
2. Spray sparingly onto the surface to be treated.
3. Wipe with a clean, dry cloth.


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