Rust Remover KRYO

Cold shock with -60 degrees

Rust Remover Cryo dissolves very tight connections with a cold shock of -60 degrees. The cryogenic effect causes thermal shrinkage of the parts to be loosened. Micro-cracks develop into which the active ingredients can penetrate deeply. This means that nuts, bolts or other parts that are very tight can be loosened.

– -60 degrees cold shock
– For absolute hardship
– Loosens stuck connections

Application fields
Rusted connections of any kind

400ml Spraycan

Item Number


1. Slowly spray rusted connections / surfaces. Short breaks (approx. 5 s) between the individual sprays increase the cold effect.
2. Repeat the application if necessary.

Note: Can cause discoloration on surfaces or dissolve plastics. Before use, check for suitability for the intended purpose.


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