Oil Stain Remover Liquid

Cleans quickly and efficiently

Our oil stain remover liquid guarantees a fast and efficient removal of oil stains of all kinds. The deep-acting solvent penetrates deeply into porous surfaces. The contained oil binder is ideally suited to bind oils from cracks and crevices. This special product is particularly fast and easy to use. Apply, leave on, brush off – done!

– Fast application: completed in 15 minutes!
– Does not attack stone surfaces, as it is free from acids and alkalis: Also suitable for polished marble
– Biodegradable
– Surfactant-free and aromatic-free

Application fields
Elimination of stubborn oil, grease and wax stains on natural and cast stone, screed, ceramics, clinker, terracotta, etc. Also ideal for removing edge zone discoloration.

1 litre can


1. The underground must be dry.
2. Shake well before use
3. Pour onto oil stains
4. Leave to act until a white, dry crust is formed (approx. 10-15 minutes).
5. Take up by sweeping or by vacuum cleaner and dispose of in accordance with regulations.


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